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Sports and Remedial Massage Adelaide

Sports and Remedial Massage

After an intense workout or game, recover with a sports massage. Massage therapy is one of the most effective tools when it comes to recovery. It is used by athletes all over the world to reduce muscle soreness, improve muscle recovery, flush out waste products such as lactic acid by increasing lymphatic flow and work through any muscle tension and trigger points.

Our pro athletes love her, and so will you. In addition to her many years of experience, Alana is fun and easy going and anyone can feel at ease around her.

It doesn't matter if you're training for the biggest sporting moment of your life or just trying to keep fit and healthy, Alana will tailor your session depending on your needs and goals.

*Private Health Fund Rebates available for most health funds

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Normatec Recovery Compression Boots & Arms

Looks kinda funny right? Feels kinda funny too but trust us when we say you'll feel like you're walking on clouds!

We offer the Normatec Recovery Compression Boots along with the Normatec Recovery Compression  Arm Attachments.

Benefits of Normatec Recovery Compression Therapy include:
- Increases blood flow
- Improves circulation
- Enhances lymphatic drainage
- Remove waste products including lactic acid
- Decrease recovery time.

But seriously, we highly recommend the use of our Normatec Recovery Compression products for your recovery sessions

Normatec Compression Recovery Adelaide
Infrared Red Sauna Sports Recovery Adelaide

Infrared Sauna

Our sauna is not like other sauna's, we call it Netflix and Sweat for a reason.  Sit back and relax whilst watching your favourite Netflix show and let the heat of our infrared sauna relax your muscles, increase blood circulation for muscle repair and encourage lymphatic flow aiding in the reduction of lactic acid.

For your infrared sauna session we recommend you wear swimwear, bring a drink bottle with you to keep hydrated and a towel for your shower afterwards. Oh, and remember to check what episode you're up too!

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