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Green Dragon Heat Cream 60gm Pouch

Green Dragon Heat Cream 60gm Pouch

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It’s the game changing sports cream you have been waiting for. Recover better, perform better and go about your life with ease. It’s time to BRING THE HEAT! Greendragon’s unique blend encourages blood flow, effectively targeting restricted fascia and releasing muscle tension and tightness at the time of application.

What makes Greendragon different?
THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT – an artificial chilli oil that is just like the real thing, without the burning irritation that comes with chillies. This is what creates the heat and is responsible for the reduction in inflammation and increased blood flow.⁣
BOTANICALLY DERIVED – absolutely no petroleum products are used so your skin isn’t left feeling greasy.⁣
ESSENTIAL OILS – Traditional use for treating soft tissue injuries, aches, pains and known problem areas such as shoulder and lower back.

14 years of thought, experimenting and testing have gone into making Greendragon what it is today. What it isn’t, is a family recipe handed down or a corporate creation for the masses.

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