Normatec Recovery Compression Boots &/or Arms Can Help You Recover Quicker And Feel Refreshed, But Also It Will Help Keep You Injury Free

Recovery is no longer an afterthought for both coaches and athletes, it is becoming increasingly vital.  As a result, recovery options like the Normatec Recovery Compression Boots/Arms are considered essentials rather than an indulgence. Normatec Recovery Compression Boots/Arms can help you recover quicker and feel refreshed, but also it will help keep you injury free!

The benefits of wearing the Normatec Recovery Compression Boots/Arms include increasing blood flow and improving circulation and decreasing recovery time.

The Normatec Recovery System
The Normatec Recovery System is designed to improve the circulation, oxygenation and delivery of nutrients. It also increases waste product removal, lymphatic drainage, muscle activation, and muscle efficiency.

Increasing Blood Flow & Circulation
The benefits of increased blood flow throughout the body are enormous. As the Normatec Recovery Compression Boots/Arms pulse, blood is pushed back up to the heart and lungs at a higher rate than usual which allows more oxygen to be passed through vessels and return into the muscle. As the blood passes through the heart, it also obtains more nutrients, vitamins and minerals which help us to think clearer and have you more energy.

Decrease Recovery Time
Lymphatic drainage is a natural mechanism that lowers inflammation and aids in the removal of waste and toxins from the body's tissues. The continuous flushing motion of the Normatec Recovery Compression Boots assists your body’s lymphatic drainage system to breakdown of any lactic build-up that may have accumulated after your workout. Less lactic acid = less time for your muscles to recover.

To recap. The Normatec Recovery Compression Boots/Arms have been proven to reduce recovery time by triggering the body’s lymphatic system and increasing blood flow, which in turn helps you feel refreshed and energized rather than tired or sore. By using the Normatec Recovery Boots/Arms after a workout or competition, your body will be able to recover more quickly while also keeping itself injury free!


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